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Living Art

Although ancient in origin, Bonsai is accessible to anyone mindful of living things and attentive to the inspiration of the natural world. The cultivation of bonsai trees involves both creative artistry and horticultural skill.

Ancient Inspiration

Inspiration from nature underpins all Bonsai. For centuries, trees appreciated for their resilience to the challenges of time and the elements were collected from the mountains of China and Japan.

Bonsai or Pre-Bonsai for Sale

Berea Bonsai Studio offers a wide selection of pre-bonsai as well as styled bonsai trees and supplies.

Bonsai Workshops

Berea Bonsai Studio of Berea KY also provide an accessible introduction to the art of bonsai through our workshops and open studio sessions.

Shows & Events

We offer many opportunities locally and throughout Kentucky where you can learn about Bonsai creation and care, buy artistically grown Bonsais or pre-Bonsais.

Our Studio in Berea KY

Need a description of your studio, and types of events you host there.